Conte Dentistry

Hygienic Services


Hygienic appointment

Prevention is the best way to avoid time in treatment and more-extensive procedures in the future. Check-ups are structured to help maintain a healthy mouth and detect areas at risk. Our philosophy is to prevent a small problem from getting bigger and more costly. Our one hour hygiene appointments include:

  • Thorough cleaning & polishing 
  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exam 
  • Oral cancer screening 
  • Periodic X-Rays to detect decay, bone loss or tumors 
  • Individual care consultations.

Gum Therapy / deep cleaning / root planing

A regular cleaning focuses on cleaning above and slightly below the gum line. Deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing is a non surgical gum treatment which removes plaque and tartar (calculus) rom the roots of your teeth below the gum line. Typically gum pockets are deeper than 4mm in these cases.